5 Day Meditation Challenge

Calm your mind in just 10 minutes a day....

5 Day NEW YEAR Meditation Challenge starts MONDAY! (Jan 8th)

If you....

Are totally new to meditation and are wanting to give it a try...

Have tried meditation before but have struggled with turning it into a regular practice...

Have tried meditation before and wondered if you are even doing it "right" or "properly"...

Want to know how to dissolve stress, anxiety and overwhelm in just 10 minutes per day... 


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Make 2018 your happiest year yet!

Meditation an CHANGE your LIFE from the inside out!

Over the last few decades, meditation research has exploded and the many benefits of meditation have been proven by science - here are just a few of them:

Less Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Studies have shown a regular meditation practice can reduce stress, anxiety depression and anger by up to 50%!

More Energy and Vitality! 

Studies have also shown meditation can increase levels of energy and vitality by 30% in less than 8 weeks.

Improved focus, memory and productivity

Meditation can help you to complete tasks and projects with ease instead of in a frantic, coffee-guzzling hot mess!

Happier Relationships

Meditation can help you to become more compassionate and less defensive, irritable and judgmental - towards both yourself and others - which makes calmer, happier relationships!

About Your Instructor

Sharee James is a fully qualified naturopath, yoga teacher, meditaton instructor, and mindfulness coach. Through her company Ashima Living, she has led yoga & meditation retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal for the last 8 years, and has had thousands of people go through her online meditation programs.

She currently resides in Australia and also writes regularly for MindBodyGreen, Casa de Karma, Positively Positive, Tiny Buddha and Yoga Life.

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